What is the Community Spirit Program?

The Community Spirit Program (CSP) is designed to help residents reach their academic potential, whilst building a community through social events. It helps with the transition from high school to university, by bringing together those new at university under the guidance of student leaders. It provides a great chance to try out new things, break the mould and explore yourself, whilst making new friends along the way. Traditional pursuits such as music, sport, debating and study groups are all facilitated through the CSP, but parties, arts and craft sessions, and cooking lessons also draw from this.

There are a few important facets to the CSP which we cover on this page:

  • Firstly, there is the CSP team, responsible for pastoral care. It is comprised mainly of Senior Residents and Residential Advisors; there is one of each per floor.
  • Secondly, there is the Residents’ Committee, usually abbreviated to Rescom; they represent your interests, providing a balance with management.
  • Finally, there is the Community Spirit Fund, to which everyone contributes a small amount at the start of the year. This is then used to pay for all the cool events run under the CSP. Any resident can use this money; if you have a great idea, simply apply for a grant.
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Community Spirit Fund

All residents contribute a $100 at the start of the year to the Community Spirit Fund. This money is then used throughout the year, to help improve your experience. It is used to run events starting right from O-Week. Many of these are run by members of your CSP team and ResCom, but anyone can access this money; as long as it is being used to improve student life, the grants process can facilitate whatever you wish. It doesn’t just have to be parties; we have purchased board games for use by all residents, and funded arts and crafts sessions with this money. If you have a passion, get involved – with a community of 2000, there is a group for everyone!

Your Residents Committee

Elected at the end of each year, your ResCom is made up of members of your community who want to give back. They run many events and are an excellent way to get involved in the community. For more information about ResCom click here.

Your CSP Team

Your CSP team is your pastoral care team. It consists of a Senior Resident and Residential Advisor for each floor (SRs and RAs respectively in normal parlance), a Community Coordinator (usually abbreviated to CC) for each building and our Residential Life Manager, Rebecca Sullivan, overseeing the student experience across our four lodges.

Your Senior Resident takes on the role akin to an older brother or sister; if you have any problems, or even just want to chat about life, they are your first point of call. Especially for first years, they provide excellent support, having lived through the same transition that you are going through. Senior Residents also run many community events, such as floor dinners, helping you bond with your fellow residents.

Residential Advisors are there to provide after-hours support for you. If you lock yourself out of your room, or have an emergency that needs to be dealt with, you can give them a call and they will be happy to help. The RA’s number for each building can be found here. Your Community Coordinators lead the CSP team for the building they are assigned to. They help with making sure life runs smoothly and oversee many facets of the Community Spirit Program. The Residential Life Manager completes your CSP team. She is there to help you with any concerns you may have regarding personal or study related matters. You can get in touch with her via email at reslifemgr@unilodge.com.au.

Casey White

Residential Life Manager




Jamie Bryce

Assistant Residential Life Manager




Anam Mahmud

Community Coordinator (Davey)


Eliora Malifa

Community Coordinator (Kinloch)


Joy Vineet Grover

Community Coordinator (Warrumbul)




Daniel Magnessen

Community Coordinator (Lena Karmel)