Who are we?

ResCom is your Resident’s Committee. We are here to represent your interests. If you want to get involved with lodge life, then get in touch with us! Whether you want to play in interhall sports , compete in interhall arts competitions or have a great idea for how we can improve the student experience, get in touch with us, using the form below, or by emailing us at ul.rescom@anu.edu.au


Lewis Laverty-Wilson


Ani Lee

Vice President

Howard Maclean


Chris Hartsuyker


Officers and Directors

Athalie Lawry

Arts Director

To Be Advised

Sports Director

Thursday Anderson

Social Director

Bernice Chu

International Director

Jessica Waters

Environmental Officer

Jack Warr

Health and Rec Officer

Joseph Wey

Community Service Officer

Laura Emerson

Publicity Officer

Kay Song

Education Officer

Adela Michaelson

Women's Officer

Michael Abrahams

Post Graduate Officer

Mary Miles-Craig

Queer* Officer

If you want to get in touch with a member of the ResCom Executive or an Officer, use the form below.

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