Roommate/Neighbour Disputes

If you want help with resolving roommate/neigbhour disputes, remember that you can talk with your Senior Resident. To set-up a meeting, you can use the contact form, by clicking the button below.

Try following these steps:
  1. Be respectful of others. Here at UniLodge we have residents from different backgrounds who will have different ways of doing things.
  2. Communication is key. If you have an issue with another Lodger, they might not even be aware their actions are bothering you.
  3. In a multishare, set up a cleaning roster. Your SR can provide you with some suggestions some different types of rosters.
  4. In a multishare, divide up the common area cupboards and fridge space so that it is fair on all roommates and its clear who owns what.
  5. If you have an issue with noise, please call reception or the RA:
    1. Davey Lodge: 618 45000
    2. Kinloch Lodge: 618 45600
    3. Warrumbul Lodge: 612 57500
    4. Lena Karmel Lodge: 612 5790

Please note:

  • If your SR is unable to resolve the issue, they will escalate it to the Community Coordinator or Residential Life Manager
  • The Dean of Students can assist with more serious disputes.
  • If you are living with your partner and have been involved in domestic violence, you can call the Domestic Violence Crisis Service on 6280 0900
  • Managing a break up in a relationship